About us

Our company has been in the natural stone industry since three decades with a passion. With that passion firstly started a small marble workshop and then put factory and marble quarries into operation. We took part in every stage of production and sales to provide quality and service beyond industry standards. For that reason to introduce natural stones in the U.S., we opened our distribution center Stone-District in Miami-Florida in 2013. Stone-District has the supreme selection of natural stones such as Limestone, Basalt, Travertine, Marble in Pavers, Tiles, Slabs and Mosaics. Stone-District takes a pride in to provide the best natural stones available in the market for customers from the first day. From an extended and strong background for excellence, we will continue to be leading distributor of the top natural stones.


Our vision is providing persistence with the experince we had from the past 30 years in natural stone industry without comprimising quality and customer satisfaction to meet the demands and expectations at the highest level.


We have been many years with reliable, qualified, open to innovation and development mission our aim is to be as a leading brand distributor in the global natural stone industry.

We are committed to providing our customers best selections at affordable prices within the shortest time possible.