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Marble is a metamorphic rock historically used in ancient buildings by the Greeks and Romans. Marble encompasses a vast spectrum of colours from white to black, with mineral veining generally contrasting to the base stone colour.

Delicate, almost white veining that run through each tile playful, provide an elegant contrast to the otherwise uniform color image. Marble tiles simultaneously create a friendly atmosphere and a modern ambience and a haven of peace in your home.

With the amazing properties of this natural stone meets all the demands that are placed on a stylish house and its furnishings. Who has creative ideas and wants to implement it – make with this natural stone the right choice for a unique design. Floor and wall coverings made of this stone can create different finishes – polished, brushed (Rinascimento).

In each living situation marble tiles make a good figure. Whether in heavily loaded corridor, humid climate of the bath or kitchen. In each location, they are tough, tough as nails and easy to clean.